Sizing Women's Clothing for Boys

4/18/2021 - 9 months ago

As a feminine boy, it may be hard to find clothing that expresses who you are just from the men's section, this article offers a guide on how to find sizes of clothes for you in the women's section.

Clothing arranged in rainbow order


While this serves as a good guide and works for me, because of differences in shapes, clothes may not always fit perfectly. The best way is always to be able to try them on, so if you are comfortable and have the ability to do so, it is recommended to try clothes on.

Measuring Yourself

Generally, the most important measurements obtained for women's clothing are the bust, waist, and hip measurements. Here is an outline on how to obtain these measurements, to do so, a flexible tape measure is advised to be used, however, a belt or piece of string could be used if the length is then measured using a ruler.

Measurement Guide


To measure the bust, you want to measure around the fullest part of your chest, where the circumference would be highest


The waist is measured just above the belly button, at the smallest part of the natural waistline.


The hip measurement can vary in how it is measured, depending on the seller of the clothing, generally, the hip measurement is measured at the largest circumference on your butt. Sometimes, the hip may be asked to be measured at 18-20cm (7-8in) below where the waist is measured. If in doubt, check if there is a guide from the store.

Using the Measurements

After obtaining the measurements, put them to use! Many websites will offer something like a size guide, which usually will detail how different sizes of clothing, which will allow for you to obtain the size wanted. Depending on the garment, a different size may be wanted. For example, if you are purchasing a skirt, the bust measurement will be less important, and if purchasing a blouse, the waist and hip measurement will be less important.

Shoe sizing

To obtain a shoe size is quite trivial to do, to get a US women's size shoe if you know your US men's size, just add 1.5. For example, if you are a US men's size 9, you would be a US women's size 10.5.

This all should allow you to hopefully size women's clothing for yourself, good luck for all future feminine endeavours!