Discreet Ways to Feel More Feminine

4/18/2021 - 9 months ago

While its great to go all out feminine, sometimes it might be good to feel feminine in a way more socially accepted, this is a collection of ways that can be done.

Clothing and Jewellery

Ways to feel more feminine through clothing does not necessarily mean wearing a skirt, other ways to feel more feminine through clothing could be through wearing colours such as pink or purple, or wearing colours in pastel tones. This can allow for you to appear and feel more feminine in a more discreet way.

Additionally, you could wear tighter fitting clothing such as skinny jeans to appear more feminine, which can contrast masculine clothing which usually is designed to make one appear bigger. Another way only visible to you could be to wear feminine underwear, which will only be noticed by you.

Jewellery is another way to go about feeling more feminine. Usually, the most socially accepted would be rings and necklaces, however more and more men pierce their ears so feel free to go for earrings! Watches can also be more feminine, consider getting a lighter colour watch.


Largely it is hard to wear makeup as a male and for it to be discreet, however lighter makeup is usually okay. A simple way for face makeup is to do minimal work, and keep it a natural look, such as just using concealer and foundation. This will give a slightly more feminine feel without being too stigmatised.

Additionally, more and more painting nails is more acceptable for men, more masculine options for nails are to do them clear or black, however any colour shouldn't cause too much drama.


Shaving very much depends on your comfort level. A simple first step is to be completely clean shaven on the face, which is entirely socially acceptable. If you feel comfortable, shaving your whole body is quite relaxing and most people will not notice, if that doesn't sound like a comfortable situation, shave areas that are covered by clothing to feel more feminine discreetly.


While longer hair is more feminine, many men do it as well, so another way to feel more feminine is to grow out your hair. Furthermore, bleaching it or dyeing it a lighter colour can make one appear more feminine.


There any many slight behaviour things that can make one seem more feminine. These could be speaking in a slightly higher voice, crossing your legs when you sit down, or just acting more politely. Of course, the most important thing is to be true to yourself, so just be yourself!