All about getting smooth

5/2/2021 - 8 months ago



What you need

  • razor
  • shaving cream
  • maybe some lotion

This one is pretty straightforward.
Get yourself a bunch of disposable razors. The ones from the men's section I find to be more effective, but maybe that's subjective.
Shaving takes a long time and ultimately one needs to figure out their own shaving routine. Apply your shaving cream, and start shaving!
I usually do it in the bathtub but sitting down in a shower and propping your leg up works as well. The most tedious part will likely be your legs. It is also normal to not catch every hair, so I usually section my body into little parts. If I want to shave my butt, I lean over, pull on one cheek with my hand and shave the hair off with the other.
As I said shaving takes a lot of time but the more you practice the faster you will get.
If you want to apply lotion afterwards, wait a few minutes for your legs to cool down, as they are irritated! If you immediately put on lotion your legs will burn.


What you need

  • a salon
  • don't do it at home
  • waxing strips are a waste of money

Find a waxing salon! There's usually good discount offers on Groupon. I found one that waxes my legs for 20€/24$.
They apply a warm paste on your legs, then use strips to rip your hair off.
It hurts! But the longer you endure the less painful it gets.
Don't worry they usually don't care if you're not a woman, because they get lots of different kinds of customers all the time. I used to have my legs waxed every four weeks.

Hair removal cream

What you need

  • any cheap hair removal cream from the drugstore
  • wash cloth

Very straightforward. Apply it on your body. Wait for ten minutes. Remove with wash cloth. Voila. I check for any left over hair and quickly go over that with a razor, only takes one minute!

Magic Shaving Powder

What you need

  • Amazon account
  • Magic Shaving Powder Gold Strength or Extra Strength
  • wash cloth

Now this is my favorite method and the only one I still use.
Mix your can of magic shaving powder with a can of water. Shake well.
When you open it, it will stink! This thing is a nuclear bomb for your hair.
I apply it in the bathtub all over my body, then set a timer for ten minutes. Once the waiting time is over I use a wash cloth to rub my hair off and it does come off like magic.
You will be totally smooth and it also gives your skin a very smooth feeling as a side effect. I repeat every two to four weeks. This stuff is literally magic!

In the end you have to find what works best for you, which products and procedures you prefer to work with. That journey in itself can be fun!