Join the team

Apply as content creator

Becoming a content creator is easy.

  1. Join our Discord server and introduce yourself in the #appications channel.
  2. We need to know what qualifies you (you're a femboy, you have a femboy as partner, you have something to do with gender, you have something to do with journalism, ...).
  3. An administrator will ask you for your E-Mail address to send you an invitation to create a user on our content management system.
  4. Follow the content management system workflow, and you're good to go.

Apply as Moderator

To become a moderator, you have to be a content creator first for quite a time, or a person trusted by the admins. Moderators are responsible to review articles before they get published.


If you are a developer and want to help with the development of the website, please have a look at GitHub: https://github.com/Feuerhamster/feminineboy


For content creators

For moderators

Content management system workflow


  1. If you have applied and been accepted, we will need an email address from you. You will then receive an invitation to create a user in the content management system.

  2. Please fill in at least your first name (can be fictional) and upload a profile picture.
    Note: The profile picture will be publicly visible. It would be good to use a decent one.

Writing articles

For content creators

  1. In the content management system you can create articles that are first saved as drafts. Make sure you follow the guidelines.
  2. Markdown is used for text formatting. The CMS also provide a full-fledged editor for it. Please do not use H1 heading because the article title is already separated.
  3. If you are finished with your article, you can set the status to "ready".
  4. A moderator will then review your article and may add comments (in the right sidebar) if you have to do some improvements.
  5. If everything is fine, your article get released.

Review articles

For moderators

  1. If you see that an article state is "ready", you can start reviewing it.
  2. Check if the article is matching the guidelines.
  3. If not, you can post a comment in the right sidebar.
  4. If everything is fine, you can set the status to "published".